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Corinne Lovgren

Corinne Lovgren is A Master Medical Esthetician who has been in the skincare industry for 19 years. She has her Bachelors in Psychology and an extensive background in medical esthetics. She has received over 7 Laser Certifications, and 10+ Certifications in various medical anti-aging treatments. She continues to advance her education to constantly improve patient care and has attended conferences across the world from Whistler, BC Canada to Irvine California, where she was personally selected by Allergan to attend their Aesthetic Leadership Forum.

Corinne has a true passion for connecting with patients and educating them about their skincare concerns. Corinne believes that the appropriate skincare regimen is essential for patients.

"I want to give my patients all the knowledge that I have so that they can become experts on how to treat their skin. It is my job to educate and empower patients so that they know how to treat their skin...that way they can come and see me to enhance and maintain the results!"

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