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Body Lift


If you have experienced dramatic weight loss, you may be left with excess sagging skin on your upper and lower body. In such extreme cases, the body lift plastic surgery procedure can help.

Many patients who have undergone weight loss surgery such as Gastric Bypass or Lap Band can be left with sagging skin that can cause discomfort and sometimes even pain during exercise and typical daily activities. In addition to the discomfort, the sagging skin can be a painful reminder of what life was like before weight loss.


Body lifts are plastic surgery procedures intended to shape and tone the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts by removing excess skin. A lower body lift (belt lipectomy) involves the tummy, the thighs, buttocks and back, while an upper body lift focuses primarily on the breasts, chest, arms and middle back areas. If lower and upper body lifts are combined, the procedure is known as a total body lift.

Many patients are bothered by loose, excess, hanging skin of the upper arms that occurs with aging or after massive weight loss. An upper arm lift, or brachioplasty, is the surgical procedure designed to remove the excess unwanted skin of the upper arms. It may occasionally be combined with Liposuction to provide the best result. Scars are placed in inconspicuous areas of the upper arm and the armpit to provide the most aesthetically pleasing outcome.

A Thigh Lift, or Medial Thighplasty, is the surgical procedure designed to remove the excess, loose, sagging skin of the thighs which occurs after weight fluctuation or aging. The procedure is also performed on anyone who desires more aesthetically pleasing and firmer inner thighs which have not improved through diet and exercise. Excision of the inner thigh tissue is often combined with Liposuction to achieve the best possible thigh contours. In addition, the underlying tissue is tightened to result in a more natural and toned inner thigh.

The type of body lift surgery you choose will greatly depend upon the location of the excess skin on your body, as well as your overall aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon can focus on a specific part of your body, as is done in an arm lift or athigh lift, or take a more inclusive approach like the total body lift.

If you are considering a body lift plastic surgery procedure let one of the experienced plastic surgeons at The Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center in NJ review the procedure with you and help you make an informed decision.

If you have questions, we are happy to help.

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